To celebrate, educate, inspire, and promote the history of women’s right to vote with a focus on the past and an eye on the future.


Votes for Women 2020

Votes For Women 2020 is a non-profit corporation organized to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution granting women the right to vote. The 100th anniversary will occur in 2020.

Votes For Women 2020 will create an educational narrative about the true history of the women’s suffrage movement, celebrate the women’s right to vote, inspire women to take leadership roles, and promote the importance of this part of American history.



Votes for Women 2020:

  • will brand, educate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the women’s right to vote.
  • will tell the complete story of this remarkable period of US history through various outlets, products and media.
  • will establish the importance of this historical movement so that it takes its rightful place in the history of the United States.


Votes for Women 2020 will:

  • Organize anniversary galas in 2020 celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment.
  • Create opportunities for all to learn the history of the multi-faceted 19th century women’s rights movement, of which voting was just one part.
  • Develop programs to encourage and support women to take leadership roles in their community.
  • Establish an endowment to sustain important historical sites of the movement through 2020 and beyond.